Ninja Saga Tips and trick Quick Level Up Guide

1. Always Challenge Friends (not the PVP, but the vs AI)
- they give you (gold 10x lvl of defeated friend and exp 5x lvl of defeated friend)
2. Recruit Friends(only on missions you find difficult to accomplish alone)
- always helpful as reinforcements (while charging, healing, xtra damage, etc)
3. Always do Special and Daily Tasks
- do it everyday if possible
4 Do missions sightly lower than your level
Ninja Saga Tips and trick Quick Level Up Guide

Also check the following FAQs
Q: What is the maximum level someone can reach?
A: There is no official announcement about the maximum level someone can reach. Most probably the game will keep on expending as long as it has the support of its Users!
However, since the game is still in Alpha Version a level cap has been placed at Lv20 to prevent NS players from reaching higher levels before item and jutsu updates are ready to be implemented! Be friendly and patient and you will be able to further explore the world of Ninja Saga very soon!
note: some people wrongly believe that the reason they cannot access levels above Lv20 is because they do not possess an Emblem. That is totally wrong as Free Users have exactly the same rights with Premium Users and the only differences in game can be found
Q: Some items require tokens. Where can I find those? Is there any other way of getting free tokens?
A: Tokens can be either purchased or acquired after completing some Free Offers for Game “Sponsors” such as participate in surveys etc.. Other than that there is no alternative way to get tokens implemented in the game (like doing missions, find rare drops etc)
The “Get Token” button is located in the left bottom part of your in-game character’s profile.
Q: I am a free user (no emblem). Can I learn Emblem Jutsu from a friend?
A: No.. you cannot learn Emblem or Token jutsus from a friend if you do not have an Emblem.