Data Hack: Free Download Pangya USA Trainer 3 (New Update)

Pangya USA trainer 3 (not private version) has been released for Free and you can download it from Just for Gamer, you're also can get the tutorial to use this Pangya trainer. Why you should use this trainer? Because it has a lot of features especially on this update. So, what is the special features or function of this Pangya trainer?

Okay, for the full lists of special function of this Pangya trainer you can look below :
Pangya USA Trainer 3 - Public Version Cheat Functions Wind 0m -> Allow you use wind 0m at all holes Ativar Vento -> Back wind to normally XD Recovery x2 -> Rain at all holes (x2 for your pangs) Aztec hack -> Allow you use free rainbow aztec Level Hack (1) -> Turn a Rookie E Level Hack (65) -> Turn Legendary (MAX Level on S3) (You can use this to no lose control with much power) Skip Shot -> Skip the shot Special Shot -> Do some effects on your shots Instant Shot -> 10x better than skip shot you will not see anything on your shot (you can complete 18 holes in 8~10 minutes with it) Time booster -> Get Free Time Boosters Note that : Time booster and instant shot are avaiable only on Private Version
Are you interested to download this Cool Trainer? If so, you can click the link below :
Download Pangya USA Trainer 3
If you want to know the tutorial of "How to use Pangya USA Trainer 3", here it is :
Open your Pangya USA Trainer 3
Login to Pangya
Select hacks what you want
and Happy cheating! ^.^
---Dowenloaded Here---