Pitfall Mod for Minecraft 1.1

The Pitfall Mod block just works like any other block in Minecraft, and it has similar features to sand blocks and gravel blocks where it is effected by gravity in Minecraft. Although the gravity is toggle able in this block by the use of red stone. You place the block against a wall and then toggle it using red stone and the block will fall. A combination of these blocks can make amazing structures such as bridges and you press a button and the bridge collapses. Or you can lure someone to a spot flick a button and the blocks will fall around them and trap them!

Pitfall Mod
The Pitfall Mod is a lot of fun to play with. Creating huge structures and then connecting it to redstone and seeing it collapse is amazing.! I know some people will be able to make some amazing structures with this Mod and I look forward to seeing videos!

How to Install the Pitfall Mod for Minecraft 1.1
Download the Pitfall Mod
Download ModLoader
Open Minecraft.jar
Drag in the ModLoader and Pitfall Mod files
Enjoy your Pitfall Mod!