Minecraft Comes Alive for Minecraft 1.1

How exactly does minecraft ‘comes alive’? Very very simple infact, the NPCs from the villages comes alive..
But they already are, you say. Well this mod makes them even MORE lively. So we have lively squidwards?, Nope, this mod changes the skins of the weird NPCs to look like normal people. They also have names! and you can marry women and ‘procreate’ aka sex and even have a child! You can also use your child to do chores like planting and hunting.
Here are some features:
Minecraft Comes Alive for Minecraft 1.1
NPC with normal skins has professions like farmer, smith, butcher, priest, and librarian.
You can ‘chat, joke, and give gifts’ to/with npcs
When you give girls enough stuff or joke/talk to the girl enough you can marry here (craft a ring with 8gold and 1 diamond)
Have children!! (give them seeds to plant or armor to hunt)
When child grows up they will fight for you

How to download and install Minecraft Comes Alive 1.1

Install Modloader
Download this mod and extract
Drag mod_MCA.zip into Mods folder in the .minecraft folder
Drag MCA (the folder) and .class files into minecraft.jar (in bin folder)