Power Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.1

The Power Tools Mod is unique and I like the features that have been added. I like the fact like when you mine the area you only get one block so you don’t fill up your inventory quickly.
The four types of Tools in the Power Tolls Mod:
  • Tandard Power Tool: Has same functions as Elite but it is slower and is not as much durable.
Power Tools Mod
  • Elite Power Tool: Has fast digging speed and is much durable and can also mine all types of blocks.
Power Tools Mod
  • Gold Power Tool: It digs ore vines in one dig great power tool saves a lot of time.
Power Tools Mod
  • Lapis Power Tool: Want to build and don’t have enough resources try the Lapis Power tool and collect all the  resources you want.
Power Tools Mod

How to Install the Power Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.1

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Download the latest version of the Power Tools Mod
  3. Open the Minecraft.jar folder
  4. Delete the meta inf folder
  5. Drag in the ModLoader files
  6. Drag in the Power Tools Mod files
  7. Enjoy the features of this amazing Power Tools Mod!