Data Hack Zynga Chips got Hacked or Stolen Online

i made 144m from my 4m by playing constantly for 12hrs . and then later when i log off and log in after 6 hrs , i start playing again on 1m 2m blinds sitting with 80m. after i won 1 hand , instead of adding my chips to my bank it showed that i had only 10m whereas i was sitting with 94m at that time . i thought it was some technical fault . i quickly refreshed my page so that it gets fine . but as soon as page opend i saw NOS .!!! i didnt even do any transfering or anythng like that …. now i filled that form and sent back to zynga about 1 week ago or maybe more…. till today i havnt got any response from zynga not at all….

whenever i open my acc it says that “”Your information has been sent to our customer service department. We will review your case (est. time 72 hours) and take action as necessary.”” is this the way ?? eachtime i make chips , they get banned for no reason!!! before in the same account i bought some 180m for 125$ at that they didnt ban my chips even though i was transfering again n again !!! y not at that time , y now??? its because i bought from them ,, thats the main reason behind it!! they keep suspending your acc and taking away ur chips .. so tht people buy again n again!!!! fuck you texas holdem poker zyngaz administration and representatives!!!! assholes!!! banned me for 10th or 20th time !!! 100′s of millions!!!!!!