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UFC is a very popular event on fights without rules, also known as the “Octagon”, alias “Octagon”. At these events attracts the best fighters from around the world, fighting style can be absolutely anything, from traditional Japanese sumo wrestler to the exotic Brazilian Capoeira.
The bidders are competing for the Olympic system, that is the loser - is eliminated. The ring come in twos and start hitting and throwing each other. To win you need either to send the opponent in the knockout, or hold an armlock, a technical mastery to a complete capitulation of the enemy. If this is you can not, then after three rounds will be only hope for the judges’ decision.
You can do with the enemy anything, pounding his hands and feet, throwing, doing sweeps, to comply with an armlock, hitting a person on the floor and biting his left heel - in a word, is allowed to do everything we can to help in achieving victory. However, we should not forget that the enemy is allowed exactly the same thing. The creators of the game is not stingy, and purchased from UFC license to use the names of many well-known in certain circles, the men (such as Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz), so the lack of worthy opponents will not. In addition, you can create your own fighter, choose its style and features of behavior in the ring, and then fight for the champion’s belt or to match themselves with looking at the other guests.

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