Data Hack Tutorial Minecraft Ultimate Health (New Update)

Data Hack Tutorial Minecraft Ultimate Health (New Update) This tutorial is a simple hack that will allow you to cheat for (almost) unlimited health in Minecraft. This cheat will allow you to swim through lava or fall down cliffs without losing your precious diamonds. This method will work with all versions of Minecraft including 1.4_01 For this tutorial you will need:
Prevent death with unlimited health

Cheat Engine
1. Open up Minecraft and login
2. Open up Cheat Engine and select javaw.exe from the processes list
3. Take your number of hearts and double it. If you have a half, add 1 (Full hearts will equal 20).
4. Start a new search in Cheat Engine with this value.
5. Get hurt a bit, or heal a bit, and recalculate your HP. Enter this value for the next search.
6. Do this until there is only one value left. Double click this value.
7. Edit this value to an extremely high number or set to 20 and freeze
8. Enjoy your invincibility!
Note: This does not work in SMP.