Data Hack Zynga Poker – 97 Million Chips Hacked

I had 97 Million Chips, I went to a 500k/1m Table – I tryed to sit down and it said ”Celso is waiting to sit down”That was strange because my name is Hannah i thought! I tryed another seat but still same thing! ”Celso” by the way was another player at the table. I went back to the Lobby and i had 1m Left. I was shocked and gutted – I’d been Hacked!! I then went off – and logged back in. Zynga Company policy came up. Saying strange behaviour ocurred with my account.I then filled it in saying i was hacked. If i dont have my 97Million chips back, I will never ever playing Zynga Poker again! Its a Disgrace!!!! What you going to do about it then?
==Here Get Link==